Emily Dimmick

I became a Parent Governor in September 2017. Currently, I have two children at Broadwas and third at Bumblebees.

I am a qualified teacher with over 10 years of experience in primary schools, including 2 years as part of a Senior Leadership Team. This experience stands me in good stead in understanding the workings of a school, its curriculum and standards. I hope to bring my knowledge in these areas to challenge and support the School through my role as Governor. 

In addition, I have been Committee Secretary at Broadwas Bumblebees for over 2 years and am currently working as part of the team in that setting. With these links and understanding, I hope to help the the two settings merge smoothly and then continue to help with the running of Out of Hours Care and Pre-School, as well as securing new premises! 

I feel the ethos and strong values at Broadwas set the school apart and make it a truly special place. I feel proud to be a part of its Governing Body. 

Upcoming Events

  • 23 Sep
    Piano Lessons 11:50 AM to 03:20 PM

  • 24 Sep
    Y3/4 Field Trip to Worcester All Day

  • 26 Sep
    Y1/2 Forest School Trip All Day

  • 26 Sep
    Guitar Lessons All Day

  • 27 Sep
    Y3/4 Swimming lesson 10:45 AM to 11:15 AM

  • 23 Sep - 27 Sep
  • 30 Sep - 01 Oct
  • 01 Oct - 03 Oct
  • 03 Oct - 07 Oct
  • 08 Oct - 11 Oct