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Broadwas CE Primary School Governors

Dear Parents and Carers, 

As chair of governors, I would like to introduce you to the Governing Body of Broadwas Church of England Primary School. 

Our governing body is constituted to have 12 governors.  If you are interested in becoming a governor we would love to meet with you to explain what is involved. 

As a Church of England Aided Primary School we have 7 Foundation Governors, 3 of whom are nominated by the Worcester Diocesan Board of Education (DBE) and 4 by the Lower Teme Parochial Parish Council (PCC).

Our 3 DBE governors are Reverend Canon David Sherwin, who holds the post of Vice-chair of Governors, Dr Colin Price and Mrs Steph Boulter.

Mrs Kate Leach and Mrs Susan Reeve are our PCC governors.  We have 2 vacancies for PCC governors – please let us know if you are interested.

The Link Governor with the local Education Authority is Mr Spencer Williams.

The Elected Parent Governor is
Mrs Lucy Hutton. We have a vacancy for a parent governor but have received no nominations for this post. If you are interested in this important role, please contact the school office.

Mrs Karenn Smith is our staff governor.

Now that you have been introduced to each of us, I would like to let you know how we work together as part of the Leadership team to improve provision for the children in our school.

Being a Governor involves working strategically: this means discuss and setting policies that affect all areas of school life including Safeguarding/Child Protection, Budget setting and monitoring and the Quality of Teaching. Many of these policies are statutory meaning the school is required to set and implement them by law.

Governors have responsibility to hold school staff accountable for the educational provision and attainment of the children at the school.

We also recruit and support the Head teacher in their role as Senior Leader.

In order to carry out our responsibilities we meet regularly throughout the year, usually at least once a term but the Chair meets more regularly with the Head Teacher to keep abreast of current issues within the school.

We also have defined roles such as oversight of Special needs provision. This involves ensuring that all our policies and practices are up to date and that provision for children with additional needs is of the highest quality.

Each Governor has their own responsibilities for areas for the School Improvement Plan which ensures that they liaise with school staff and report back to the whole Governing Body. In this way strengths and weaknesses can be identified and the best way to overcome shortcomings can be discussed and then implemented by school staff.

Whilst Governors have involvement in all aspects of strategic leadership we are also invited to celebrate the children's achievements. We often visit special assemblies and productions to congratulate children for their achievement.

Kindest regards,

Dr Colin Price

Chair of Governors


Click below to view:

Letter to parents from the Chair of the Governing Body - July 2016

Governing Body Terms of Reference

Governing Body Meeting Minutes

- Summer Term 2015 - 08.07.15

- Annual General Meeting (AGM) - 15.10.15

- Autumn Term 2015 - 19.11.15 

- Spring Term 2016 - 28.01.16

- Spring Term 2016 - 10.03.16

- Summer Term 2016 - 26.04.16

- Summer Term 2016 - 28.06.16

- Autumn Term 2016 - 28.09.16

        - Autumn Term - 16.11.17

      - Spring Term - 2.2.17

        Spring Term - 4.4.17 - to be confirmed at May meeting

        Summer Term - 24.5.17

         Summer Term - 29.6.17


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Broadwas Primary School,

Tel: 01886 821347
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